Best way to measure your girl for a custom design gown

I get asked often how to properly measure your child for custom outfit or princess gown. Here are some helpful tips that I hope will help you get the correct measurements so we can ensure your custom gown fits perfectly. 

We do ask you to measure these specific areas - chest or bust, waist, hips, and length from child's shoulder to hem (floor). 

<alt>picture of a beautiful little girl wearing a white dress and measuring instructions how to measure girls for couture gowns</alt>

I also found a very helpful video on YouTube that was shot by a professional seamstress who gives very informative and detailed explanation how to do it. 

So go grab your measuring tape and your daughter and let's get started! Measuring correctly will guarantee your couture gown will fit like a glove and she will turn heads when she walks in the room. 

<alt>beautiful girl wearing a pink 3D flower lace dress posing in the woods with pretty paper pompoms</alt>


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment here or contact us via email. We are happy to assist you further with measurements and size charts info. 

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  • Christine

    Hi, I love your stuff. However, my 11 yr old has a wide (swimmers) back and shoulders, and currently, some size 16 dresses are not even able to zip. Do you make any of your dresses in custom sizes for big girls?

    Thank you

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